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 Civil Engineering

Basic Civil Engg
Civil Auto CAD

Verbal Ability 
SynonymAntonymsSpotting Errors
1 word substitutesSelecting WordsSpellings
Sentence FormationOrdering of WordsSentence Correction
Sentence ImprovementCompleting StatementsOrdering of Sentences
Paragraph FormationCloset TestComprehension
Idioms and PhrasesChange of VoiceChange of Speech
Verbal Analogies
Verbal Reasoning
Logical Sequence of WordsBlood Relation TestSyllogism
Series CompletionCause and EffectDice
Venn DiagramsCube and CuboidAnalogy
Seating ArrangementCharacter PuzzlesDirection Sense
ClassificationData SufficiencyArithmetic Reasoning
Verification of Truth
Logical Reasoning 
Number SeriesLetter and Symbol SeriesVerbal Classification
Essential PartAnalogiesArtificial Language
Matching DefinitionsMaking JudgmentsVerbal Reasoning
Logical ProblemsLogical GamesAnalyzing Arguments
Statement and AssumptionCourse of ActionStatement and Conclusion
Theme DetectionCause and EffectStatement and Argument
Logical Deduction
Non Verbal Reasoning
Analytical ReasoningMirror ImagesWater Images
Embedded ImagesPattern CompletionFigure Matrix
Paper FoldingPaper CuttingRule Detection
Grouping of ImagesDot SituationShape Construction
Image AnalysisCubes and Dice
Maths / Aptitude
LCM & HCFDivisibilityProgressions
Number SystemsProblems on TrainsTime and Distance
Height and DistanceTime and WorkSimple Interest
Compound InterestProfit and LossPartnership
PercentageProblems on AgesCalendar
Volume and Surface AreaPermutation and CombinationNumbers
Problems on NumbersDecimal FractionSimplification
Square Root and Cube RootSurds and IndicesRatio and Proportion
Chain RulePipes and CisternBoats and Streams
Alligation or MixtureLogarithmRaces and Games
Stocks and SharesProbabilityTrue Discount
Banker's DiscountOdd Man Out and Series
Grammar / Tense
Simple Present TensePresent Continuous TensePresent Perfect Tense
Present Perfect Continuous TenseSimple Past TensePast Continuous Tense
Past Perfect TensePast Perfect Continuous TenseSimple Future Tense
Future Continuous TenseFuture Perfect TenseFuture Perfect Continuous Tense
राजस्थान सामान्य ज्ञानराजस्थान के प्रमुख दुर्गराजस्थान : लोक कलाएं
Technical / Computer
HTMLJava Script
Operation SystemData Stracture
MySQLOracle DB
Civil Engineering
Basic Civil EnggCivil Auto CAD

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