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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Some important question in civil engineering

1.What are the foundation and Main objectives of foundation?
2.what is Honeycomb In Concrete?
3.what is Shrinkage and types of shrinkage?
5.What is D.S.R?
6.What is Lapping?
7.Type of SLAB?
8.What is COLUMN?
9.what is Neck Column?
10.What is a beam?
11.What is BBS?
12.What is the shear wall?
13. What is shear stress and strain?
14.what is the shear force?
15. what is the maximum deflection in beams?
16.What is the use of Quick Command and how to use this command?
17.What is the use of Ortho, Dynamic input, Infer constraint.
18.What is the use of convert,reference, baseline spacing Command in AutoCAD?
19.what is Conventional Slab. to calculate Depth of a foundation.


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