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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Air return: A series of ducts in air conditioning system to return used air to the air handler to be reconditioned.

Anchor Bolts: (also called J-bolts) Bolts embedded in concrete foundation used to hold sills in place.

Anchor Straps: Straps embedded in concrete foundation used to hold sills in place, most commonly MASAs in our houses.

Apron: A piece of the driveway between sidewalk and curb.

Back Fill: The replacement of dirt in holes, trenches and around foundations.

Backing (aka blocking) a non-structural (usually 2x) framed support (i.e. for drywall).

Balloon Framing: A special situationally required type of construction with studs that are longer than the standard length..

Bay: The space between two parallel framing members (i.e. trusses).

Beam: A horizontal structural member running between posts, columns or walls.

Bearing wall (aka partition): A wall which carries a vertical structural load in addition to its own weight.

Bevel: To cut an angle other than a right angle, such as on the edge of a board. Bird block (aka frieze board):An attic vent located between truss tails.

Bird’s Mouth: A notch cut in the underside of a rafter to fit the top plate.

Blocking (aka backing): A non-structural 2x framing support (i.e. for drywall)

Board: Lumber less than 2” thick.

Board Foot: The equivalent of a board 1’ square and 1” thick.

Box Header: A horizontal structural member over an opening having a rectangular cross-section with a hole in the middle, which we fill with insulation.

Building Code: A collection of rules and regulations for construction established by organizations based on experience and experiment, and enacted and enforced by local municipalities. California corner: A framing member used at the intersection of two walls, consisting of three studs nailed together to form a U-shaped cross-section.

Camber: The slight arch in a beam or truss which prevents it from bending into a downward shape under normal load.

Cantilevered: Extending horizontally beyond support.

Cant Strip: A triangular shaped strip used under the edges of roofing by walls on flat roofs.

Cased Opening: An interior opening without a door that is finished with jamb and trim. Caulking: A flexible material used to seal a gap in a joint

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