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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Types of Soil

1.Alluvial Soil

2.Lacustrine soil

3.Marine Soil

4.Aeoline Soil

5.Colluvial Soil

6.Loess Soil

7.Marl Soil

8.Bentonite Soil

9.Tuff Soil

10.Loam Soil

11.Glacial Soil

12.Laterite Soil

13.Gumbo Soil

14.Peat Soil

15.Muck Soil

1.Alluvial Soil-
It is the soil which is being deposited From the suspension in running water.
                         *Transported Soil(Running Water)
                         *Physical Weathering
                         *Found along the blanks of rivers

This soil is generally Found along the banks of the rivers.(NORTHERN INDIA)

2.Lacustrine Soil-
It is the soil that is deposited from the suspension in fresh still water for the lake.
                     *Physical Weathering 
                     *Residual Soil(Water)

3.Marine Soil-
It is the soil which is deposited  From the suspension in sea water.
                      *Physical Weathering
                      *Transported Soil

4.Aeoline Soil-

It is the soil which is formed due to transportation by wind.
 5.Colluvial Soil-
This is know as tallus Soil. It is formed due to weathering of the rocks by Physical agencies and in which transportation is by the gravitational forces.this soil is generally found in the hilly areas at the bottom of the valleys.

*Physical weathering
*Transported Soil(Soil)

6.Loess Soil-
It is uniformly graded wind blown silt that is slightly cemented due to calcium compounds and Montmorillonite.

            *Type of aeoline soil
            *Physical Weathering
            *Transported Soil
Cementous properties are induced by calcium compounds(caco2) and montmorillonite (highly plastic in nature)

7.Marl soil-
It is fine graded calcium carbonated soil of marine origin which is formed due to decomposition of bones and cell mass of acquatic life (both plants and animals).

8.Bentonite Soil
It is chemically weathered volcanic ash that is generally used as a lubricant in drilling.

9.Tuff Soil

It is finally graded slightly cemented volcanic ash which may be transported either by wind or by water.

*physical Weathering

10.Loam Soil

It is the mixture of clay.silt and sand in different in which organic matter may also be present.

11.Glacial Soil-

It is the soil that is being transported due to flowing ice.

* Physical weathering (ice)

*Transported Soil

12.Laterite Soil-

It is the soil which is formed due to leaching process(leaching means washing out of siliceous compounds)in hilly areas with humid atmosphere.

Eastern and western ghats.

*chemical Weathering

13.Gumbo Soil-

It is sticky, highly plastic and dark in color. Excessive presence of montmorillonite.

14.Peat Soil-

It is highly organic soil that almost entirely consists of vegetative matter in different   stages of decomposition. Its color varies from black to dark. Brown and it possess organic odour.this soil is highly fibrous and posses high compressibility.

15.Muck Soil

It is fine particle mixture of inorganic Soil and black decomposed organic is generally found in the areas having in deficient sewerage facilities or may be observed after over flooding of the river.
*chemical weathering

Mixture of peat soil and muck soil is termed as ‘CUMULOSE SOIL’ 

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