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Monday, 8 January 2018


Shuttering is a temporary platform constructed with the help of wooden planks, wooden logs, steel rods or bamboos over which formwork is supported and ultimately pouring of concrete is done.
      Shuttering is a part of the formwork which supports the vertical surface. For ex. Column side, beam side, slab side, wall side
  Formwork needs to have the required strength and be able to with stand the weight of the concrete. The wet concrete applies a great deal of pressure to the formwork, with more pressure being exerted at the bottom. If the formwork is under designed to support the weights required if can bend or break as the concrete is being filled the formwork can removed after certain number of days depending on the type of member which is given in codes. It provides support to horizontal, vertical and inclined surface or also provides support to cast concrete according to required shape and size.                                           The formwork also produces desired finish concrete surface. Shuttering or formwork should be strong enough to support the weight of wet concrete mix and the pressure for placing and compacting concrete inside or on the top of formwork. It should be rigid to prevent any deflection in surface after laying cement concrete and be also sufficient tight to prevent loss of water and mortar form cement concrete. Shuttering should be easy in handling, erection at site and easy to remove when cement concrete is sufficient hard.


       Scaffolding is a grid of bamboo, wooden, planks or circular steel pipes by which labour can have access to any point of the structure to be constructed and further formwork and shuttering can rest over it. Steel scaffolding is most commonly used as it is easy to dismantle and reassemble.
     Scaffolding needs to be easy to construct, simple to dismantle and convenient to transport. The platforms constructed in scaffolding should have big areas to allow people to walk freely and handle materials easily. The complete structure must be strong enough so that it is unaffected by climate conditions and doesn’t shake, deform or tilt over time.


1.     Adjustable stirrup head
2.     Base plate
3.     Joint pin
4.     Telescopic steel props
5.     Coupler
6.     Couplock
7.     Infill beam
8.     Duct beam
9.     Bracings
10.          Vertical pipe

11.           Slab form shuttering

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