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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Reinforced Cement Concrete

                                Reinforced Cement Concrete

A.      Mild steel

B.      CTB
2.Cement concrete
A.      Cement
B.      line Agg.(sand)
C.      Coarse Agg(Stone Agg)
D.      Water
E.       Admixtures

v  Cement Concrete 
 1.Grade of concrete               (Table-2/p-16) As per IS Code)
a)      Ordinary concrete               M10 to M20
b)      Standard Concrete              M25 to M55
c)       High Strength Concrete      M60 to M80
Minimum grade recommended for
Minimum grade of concrete required in case of concrete used near sea coast or in sea water
            RCC =M30
M20           M=Mix
                   20=Characteristic strength of concrete 
2. Characteristic Strength of Concrete
- Characteristic  strength is the value of strength below which not more than 5% of test result are expected to fall.
For example-
If 100 test result are arranged in increasing order.
This concrete is of M30 grade Because
*5%Result are less than 30 N/MM^2

*95%Result are more than 30 N/MM^2 

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