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Monday, 8 January 2018

Post Tensioning

Post tensioning is a technique for reinforcing concrete in which the reinforcement provided to the member is highly tensioned steel bars, known as strands, and not the conventional steel rebars. These strands are tensioned in the process. Post tensioning tendon, is an assembly which includes pre-stressing steel strands paced inside GI coverings known as sheathing, are positioned in the forms before the concrete is placed.
            The post tensioning has many advantages over the conventional slab as discussed below:
·         Structural properties: The post tensioning members allow larger spans with less supports, less width of the beam and lesser in numbers, overall height of the building reduces even with the same floor to floor height as that of conventional structure.
·         Reduction in weight: The overall weight reduces as less amount of concrete and steel are required in comparison to the conventional structure. Also more number of floors can be constructed.
·         Controlling Deflections: The strength and added stiffness of a post tensioned foundation and slab reduces the amount slab will bend under load.
·         Greater efficiency: Less amount of concrete and steel are required for the same structural capacity and the slab becomes able to resist more bending caused by differential soil movements.
·         Economical: Cost benefits are achieved by reductions in quantities of concrete, steel and excavation, which in turn reduce labour costs. Beams are smaller and slab thickness is less, therefore savings in excavation and site preparation are possible.
·          Minimizing & Control of cracking: Post tensioning will reduce cracking and possible water penetration, which can damage flooring and cause mold problems.
·         Faster installation: With fewer pieces to handle and less concrete to place, a post tensioned slab can often be installed more quickly than wire mesh-reinforced slab.

The method of post tensioning in the Trilium mall is adopted for construction of slab. The following details give the detailed description of the post tensioning slab.

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