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Monday, 8 January 2018


  1. Types of Glass used on site:
Reflective glass
Laminated glass
Frosted glass
Toughened tempered glass
   2. Reflective glass is used in the windows.
   3. Toughened Tempered glass are used in the lobbies of the tower.
   4. Laminated glass is used in club house.
   5. Clear Toughened glass is used only for club house windows.
  6. EPDM ( Gascade rubber) is used to fix the glass in window so as to prevent the cracking of glass utmost pressure.                                          
  7. 10mm dia. holes are provided for percolation of water if it gets accumulated.
  8. Window is silicon coated i.e. film of silicon is provided so as to prevent leakage.
  9. Wool pile is provided in the window frame maintain the smoothness which sliding.
  10. The bearing are provided at top and bottom of the window to facilitate the proper      movement of slides.
  11. The dia. Of full size window are 2.87*2.39m and that of small window are 1.425*0.
 12. A worker needs half an hour to fix a window frame on site.
13. The frame are made up of aluminium i.e. they are aluminium combine panel (ACP).
14. The cutting between the horizontal and vertical pane

a)     Plumbing services
·        Sanitary fixtures and C.P fittings
·        Cold water supply
·        Hot water supply in toilets and kitchens
·        Internal sewage and rain water pipe system
·        External sewage and storm water system
·        Rain water harvesting system
·        Solar system
·        Swimming water treatment plant
·        Pumps equipment and electrical panel
b)    Fire protection system                                                                                                                              
·        Internal fire hydrant system
·        External fire hydrant system
·        Sprinkler system
·        Fire pumps, Equipment and Electrical panel
·        Fire extinguisher

The utility requirement and the details of various system separate section that follow
To achieve stable and adequate water supply for the project, it is proposed to have today’s water storage capacity of the entire complex. One and a half day of daily water requirement shall be stored in underground water storage tank and half day of daily water requirement shall be stored in overhead water storage tank of each tower. It is propose to obtain the domestic water supply for the entire demand from municipal water storage tank. In case of short fall in domestic water supply, the same shall be supplemented by tankers. It is proposed to use STP treated water from the centralized STP after suitable treatment for flushing, irrigation, basement washing and car washing.
  Domestic and flushing water shall be fed by gravity. For lower floors pressure reducing station shall be used to restrict by pressure. Hot water shall be locally generated in toilets and kitchen through electrical geysers. Solar system shall be used and hot water supply given to kitchen and common toilet if the apartment. For all toilets, kitchens and pantries, soil and waste shall be design as double stack system. All these sewage drains shall be connected to sewage line, connecting to the sewage treatment plant. Rain water from terrace shall be collected through vertical pipes and connected to nearest storm water manhole through rain water harvesting pit.

The air conditioning of club house shall be achieved through variable refrigerate flow system (VRF)
NOTE: We have assume 10000 Sq. Ft built up area for the club house. Based on this, we have calculated 65 HP maximum demand load (on Sq. Ft basis) for club house.

VRF system shall consist of various configuration of indoor unit and outdoor condensing units connected through insulated refrigerant piping. The outdoor unit shall be installed at the designated locations as indicated in the architectural drawings .Each indoor unit shall be provided with direct expansion cooling coil, and supply air blower.

The condensing unit shall consist of compressor, condenser and condenser fans. The electronic expansion valve continuously adjusts the flow of refrigerant volume in response to load variation in indoor unit. Each indoor unit shall be provided with wired remote controller for self-adjusting of individual comfort requirement.

Drain piping from each indoor unit shall be connected to the nearest drain point.


The air conditioning for the entrance lobby shall be achieved through split air conditioning system

The split system shall consist of one outdoor unit connected to symbol dedicated indoor unit through insulated refrigerate piping dedicated outdoor unit for each used lobby shall be installed at the designated location. Each indoor unit shall be provided with direct expansion cooling coil, and supply air blower.
The condensing unit shall consist of rotary compressor, condenser and condenser fans. Each indoor unit shall be provided with wireless remote controller for self-adjusting for individual comfort requirement.

Water supply required for various usages is categorized as follows:-
A.      Domestic water
The domestic water available from municipal source shall be used for domestic purposes.
B.    Recycled water available from centralized sewage treatment plant:-

Water recovered from the centralised sewage treatment plant shall be used:
a)     Flushing water
b)    Irrigation system for outdoor area
c)     Car washing


Double stack system is proposed for sewage and silage up to the first manhole based on conventional water carriage method.

From the first manhole, the combine sewage and silage shall be conveyed by gravity through a network of pipes and manhole.

The drainage system shall be of double stack system as per national building code. The soil pipe shall be connected to the soil pipe stack and then to local manholes directly. Waste pipe from all the fixtures shall be connected to the floor trap. Finally the floor trap shall be connected to the waste pipe stack and then to manhole through gully trap. All track of water closets and the urinals shall be completely vented in the system. The local manhole shall be connected to sewage treatment plant for further treatment and recycling. It is recommended to have a STP bypass to cater to STP break down.

It is proposed to use upvc pipe for double stack system. Upvc pipe shall be used for internal toilet, kitchen, pantries from fixtures waste of FT .Further the vertical stack will be connected to horizontal spun cast iron pipe at basement ceiling level with drip seal joint before connecting to external manhole/STP.


In general the rain water from terraces, balconies and other open areas shall be collected through rain water done take upvc SWR pipe which shall be discharge in catch basins at ground level. Number of rain water stack to be provided in the building shall be taken as per NBC. Rain water in the hard courts and open area shall be collected through catch basin and drain channel which shall be connected to storm water manhole, the rain water disposal shall be by gravity through a network of sloping pipe and manholes. It shall be final connected to the rain water harvesting pits. Soak pits at suitable location and over flow from rain water harvesting tank shall be connected to external storm water drainage network of the sector.     



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