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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Fuild Mechanics

“liquid and gases both are having the property of continuous deformation under the action of shear or tangential force. This property of continuously  deformation Is also known  as flow property and hence liquid and gases are kept in different category which is far away from the solids and this category is known as fluid.”

 A fluid is a substance which is having and ability to flow under the action of shear and tangential forces.

                                                    State of Matter
In solid-
Defomation change when forces are changes at different -2 time.

In liquid-

At same  forces,deformation are changes continuously.

In Gas-
Deformation changes take shape of container.

Fluid as a Continuum-
“In macroscopic system,the inter atomic space between the malecules of fluid can be treated as negligible as compared to the dimension of the system therefore we can assume adjacent to one molecule there is a another molecule and there is no interspace between them.hence the entire fluid molecule system can be treated as continuous distribution of mass system and it known as continuum”