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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Foundation design in Staad.Pro(for isolated footing)

First make your object for that you can go geometry then run structure wizard or You can create with the help of nodes.   
Step-1: Define beams and column and assign it.
Step-2: Provide fix support.
Step-3: Go to load and definition then provide dead load and live load.
              Dead load-       
              *floor load-(-6)then range in y direction min-3,max-12
              Live load-(-6)then range in y direction min-3,max-9
Step-4:Analysis/Print after it analyze your model.
Step-5:click on foundation design
Step-6:dead load  and live load  both include after it Run staad foundation
Step-7:Load factor then click on Generate Load combination Enter indian code and generate load.
Step-8:create new job then enter job name and design code also unit.
Step-9:selecte all generated load cases  and then click on create job.

Step-10:see all Result.#GAdrawing#Details#Calculationsheet 

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