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Friday, 26 January 2018

AutoCAD Top 10 Question

Q1: You cannot enter different values for horizontal and vertical grid spacing.
Q2:When you lock layer it could not modify the entity

Ans: YES after locking layer we could not modify it.
Q3: The first two points determine the location and length of the first axis,the third point determines the distance between he center of arc, and end points of second axis. The fourth and fifth points are start and end angles of __________
Ans: Ellipse arc
Q4:How many ways to draw arc?
Ans: There are 11 ways to draw arc
Q5: How many ways to draw circle?
Ans: There are 6 ways to draw circle
Q6: The 'Join' tool can be used for joining
Ans: only arcs or lines in line with each other
Q7: What is the main purpose of left mouse button?
Ans: Repeats the last command
Q8: What is the name of AutoCAD’s special layer that is automatically created in each new drawing?
Q9: There is how many layers by default in new file in Autocad?
Ans: one 
Q10:What are types of PAN
Ans: There are six types of PAN namely REALTIME, POINT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN

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